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January 2010

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AAMI, best known for entertaining and competitive insurance commercials, completed filming of their latest commercial in Ballarat from 17-19 November. The commercial was released on Boxing Day 2009 and is now showing nationally.

The commercial contains 11 main cast, an additional 40 extras chosen from Ballarat, over 50  film crew, a lot of cars and a couple of well-timed stunts.

The new commercial has been created by Melbourne advertising agency BADJAR Ogilvy, Melbourne’s largest agency who have had a relationship with AAMI for over seven years. When quizzed about this latest endeavour, BADJAR Ogilvy Creative Director Michael Knox said, “This will be a great few days. We’ve got a funny story to tell. That’s what AAMI advertising does. The only other thing I can confirm was that there were no swans on set.”

The location was carefully selected by Director Patrick Hughes from Radical Media who chose Ballarat as the location because it has a combination of old world flavours and a distinctive urban feel.

Having previously conducted a shoot in Ballarat, he found it to be incredibly film friendly.

“As far as locations go the Council in Ballarat is one of the most understanding and helpful we have dealt with. They understand our industry and what is needed to help a large scale production take place and liaise really well with our location people and the local traffic departments and traders. We always feel they are working with us not against us.”

Patrick Hughes went on to say that he would like to see more production in locations such as Ballarat as it is a chance to showcase the beauty of such a unique place.


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