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Stuart Mill

Stuart Mill

If you haven't heard of Film Ballarat & Beyond before, allow us to do a little name-dropping: maybe you've heard of Mark Steven Johnson's Ghost Rider, Gary Winick's Charlotte's Web, Gregor Jordan's Ned Kelly, Stephen King's Salem's Lot, Jan Sardi's Love's Brother, Ken Cameron's My Brother Jack, the ABC's Something In The Air or The Man from Snowy River? All these film and television productions, and many more, were shot in Australia's Ballarat & Beyond region near Melbourne.

Dr Blake Mysteries filmed in Ballarat

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By joining forces, we give Australian and international filmmakers all the advice and liaison assistance they require to find the best locations in the region for their productions.

We'll save you time and money by putting you in contact with the right people, services and equipment to keep your film shoot on schedule. We can streamline necessary permissions and provide you with local information, resources and guidance.

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